Real name :
Vanhecke Didier
Main project :
Pzyko (Dark psychedelic night trance)
Side-projects :
(Psycore - Hi-tech)
Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom
(Dark psychedelic night trance)
Broken Kids Syndrome
(Psytrance - Dark psychedelic night trance)
Bearded Electronics
(Psychill - Psydub - Trip-hop - Downtempo - Trance - Goatrance - Psytrance)
Cryogenic Nanobot
(Chill-out - Nanodub - Experimental - breakz & basses)

Mescalito Bubbles
(Chill-out - Trance - Experimental)
Dj projects :
Dj Pzyko
(Dark psychedelic night trance)
Dj Skitzophrenik Bastard
Dj Bearded Electronics
(Psychill - Psydub - Trip-hop - Trance - Goatrance - Downtempo)


April, 2nd, 1980

Didier Vanhecke, later known as Pzyko, is born @ Brugge, Belgium
1980 - 1995

Didier grows up as a happy child ... Due to the stories that his father tells him from the days he was a dj (the 70's), Didier gets interested in music and dj's ...
1995 - 1998

Didier starts messing around  with a cd-player (with no pitch), an old mixtable and an old turntable ... he slowly gets to understand mixing music and soundsamples from sample cd's and vinyl's and becomes a home dj that mixes all styles through eachother ... Meanwhile he discovers different underground music styles like Goatrance, Breakcore, Hardtekcore, Acid, Techno, Trip-hop, Ambient, ...
1998 - 2000

After buying his own turntables and a new mixitable, Didier plays his first dj-sets for a crowd ... he plays Breakcore & Hardtekcore as Dj Delicum and together with a friend as D.a.t.? ... he also plays Techno & Acid as Dj Deech ... Meanwhile he starts discovering the world of producing @ a simple old computer that runs Modtracker, Fasttracker and Image-Line's Fruityloops 1 ... the beginning of a love that never ended ... since the first day he started using it he loved it and even now he will never stop using Fruityloops, now better known as FL Studio . @ this time he is going more & more to goatranceparty's and he starts loving the music more & more ... 
2000 - 2002

Didier starts trying to produce his own version of goatrance mixed with the upcoming sub-style psytrance and also starts collecting goa & psytrance on vinyl & on cd ... @ home he starts trying to mix goa & psytrance and discovers that he likes the darker tracks more ... the crazyer ... the more he likes it ... Meanwhile he throws his first party ever ... "Technodelic" ... a first of three techno parties that he organised with the party-org. he co-founded "Delic productions"
2002 - 2003

Didier plays his first dj-sets @ goa-parties as dj Pzyko ... the experience for the belgian scene is double ... half love the harder & darker sets he plays ... the other half hates it and is not happy  ... but organisers keep on booking him and party after party the crew that loves this harder & darker psychedelic music is growing and growing ... more dj's start playing the darker stuff ... the belgian dark psychedelic night trance scene is born ... Meanwhile he plays his first live-set ever @ a three days long benefit to save a forest ... it's a vs set with his good friend mosz and people like it ... it's new ... it's unique ... the people want more of this and Pzyko gets booked more and more ...
2003 - 2006

In 2003, Didier and his friends Dan (later Wicked Hayo & co-founder of Rhakti Dei festival) & Xavier (Oldschool goa & Suomitrance Dj InRG & Dj FunnkiMunkki), founded the party-org. "Femina Mandragora" ... They throw their first party "Femina Mandragora 01"... A legend is born ... This party-org. is based on bringing the music that Didier, Dan & Xavier love, Suomitrance, Psytrance, Oldschool Goatrance & Dark psychedelic nigh trance ... @ this party Didier meets Maarten (who later on becomes a member of the Breakcore producers "Point.Blank" and "Matar") and as they get to known eachother, they notice that they love the same style of music ... from this day the phenomenom dj-duo "Pzyko vs SqR" is born ... @ the end of this summer they decide to start with a party-org. based on bringing Dark psychedelic night trance music ... "The SquareZ", the first belgian dark psychedelic night trance party-org. is born ... As their dj-sets get more powerfull & darker, the Dark psychedelic night trance scene gets bigger and bigger in belgium and as more & more party-org. start to focus @ this style of music ... Pzyko vs SqR get to be well known dj's and Pzyko gets booked more & more to play live ...

Didier starts releasing his first tracks @ free-netreleases from the label Cosmic Flower Records ... As he wants to share his music with everybody he likes the idea of doing free net-releases and decides to start his own label ... with this label he wants to promote the music and producers and he decides to have a free net-releases only policy @ this label ... @ December, 13th, 2006 he releases his first free E.P. @ his own label ... "Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records" is born ....
2006 - 2010

As the label grows, and Pzyko's reputation is rising, he releases a track @ "Shamanicaros Records" & "El Espanto Urbano Records", and he releases 4 E.P.'s and 4 tracks @ Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records ... In 2008 Maarten (SqR) decided to start producing Breakcore and Didier & Maarten decided to stop with "The SquareZ" party-org. ... Together with Recycled Mike, Didier throws 3 party's as the party-org. "ResquareD" but Pzyko gets too much bookings to be able to keep on going with his filled up lifestyle of playing live or dj-sets, organising party's, go working every day and inbetween keep on producing new music ... Didier decides to only organise a party now and then anymore and to focus his time @ his life, wife, and his music ...

Didier decides to take a break of the whole scene because of the birth of his first child ... his daughter "Elfie" ...
2011 - ...

Didier decides to pick up the music again and starts producing again and to bring more releases with his label again ... What the future brings is a mystery ... but one thing is for shure ... Pzyko is back !!! and you will love it ... or hate it ... Didier also starts up his sideprojects again ... Terrorform & Broken Kids Syndrome are back also ... plus he starts 2 new projects ... "Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom" is a more psychedelic type of dark psychedelic night trance live-act  & "Cryogenic Nanobot" is a dubby chill out project with lots of breakz, basses and beats ... The future will be filled with mad & amazing tunes produced by Didier ... Let's dance ...
Releases Info

Pzyko :
Bad boy tunes E.P.


Pzyko vs Terrorform :
Creepz E.P. - 10 years later

Pzyko :
Oldies in new 2 E.P.

Pzyko :
Time doesn't exist E.P.
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