Past events

Here you can find a list of party's Pzyko has performed @
due to the fact that Pzyko started creating this list in 2011, this list is totally not complete ! if you remember a gathering where Pzyko has played and that's not on this list, feel free to let me know ... Pzyko is also looking for flyers of these gatherings if you have some, please contact me !


April, 7th, 2012
Tribes Gathering Festival   Steinbach/Gouvy, Belgium
August, 31st, 2012
Still Dreaming Festival   Barcelona, Spain

April, 16th, 2011 
Tribes Gathering Festival   Steinbach/Gouvy, Belgium
April, 23rd, 2011
Goddamn Hippies : Easter edition   Hasselt, Belgium
July, 16th, 2011
Arcade Disfunction : Sandy clawz   Antwerp, Belgium
December, 10th, 2011    
5 Skitzophreniks Gathering   Balegem, Belgium

June, 25th, 2010
Dark chocolat cookies   Lokeren, Belgium

April, 25th, 2009
A journey into darkness 2   Rotterdam, The Netherlands

February, 9th, 2008
A journey into darkness 1   Rotterdam, The Netherlands
March, 21th, 2008
Darkschool   Gent, Belgium
August, 27th, 2008
Magical Forest Festival Eskilstuna, Sweden
October, 18th, 2008
A night of skitzophrenik terror Barcelona, Spain

February, 10th, 2007
Russian Birth Connection   Belgium
March, 31th, 2007
SquareZ 4   Belgium
August, 16th, 2007
Warforged Psychology open-air Belgium
October, 20th, 2007
Yata-Garasu's 21st B-day Belgium

April, 1st, 2006 
3 Years of SquareZ   Opstal, Belgium
June, 9th, 2006
Dance for the weird 1   Brugge, Belgium
Juny, 23rd, 2006
Paradox Family Party   Gent, Belgium
July, 9th, 2006  
Dance for the weird 2   Brugge, Belgium
July, 22nd, 2006 
Sanctuary pt.1   Gent, Belgium
July, 28th, 2006 
One-Spirit Festival   Lauwe, Belgium
August, 18th, 2006 
Materia Prima   Leuven, Belgium
September, 1st, 2006 
F.U.B.A.R.   Belgium
September, 9th, 2006    
SquareZ open-air   Belgium
September, 22nd, 2006    
Birthday Gathering   Gent, Belgium
October, 7th, 2006    
Pzyko's wedding   Knesselare, Belgium
October, 28th, 2006    
Materia Prima   Belgium
November, 11th, 2006    
The silence of war   Gent, Belgium
December, 23rd, 2006    
Femina Mandragora whinterice   Gent, Belgium

April, 2nd, 2005 
SquareZ 3   Nokere, Belgium
August, 26th, 2005
Materia Prima Festival   Linkebeek, Belgium
November, 11th, 2005
Finding Nebo   Gent, Belgium
November, 19th, 2005    
SquareZ & Circles   Brugge, Belgium

January24th, 2004   
Femina Mandragora wintherice 01 Gent, Belgium
January31st, 2004   
Unnoficial wintherice 01 afterparty Lier, Belgium
February6th, 2004   
a night of dark psychedelic trance Gent, Belgium
February12th, 2004  
Private B-day Gent, Belgium
February14th, 2004   
Goalove Gent, Belgium
May22nd, 2004   
SquareZ 2 Mollekot, Belgium
July, 2nd, 2004   
Absurdonormality Brugge, Belgium
August, 13th, 2004   
Rhakti Dei vs Femina Mandragora Doornzele, Belgium
September, 18th, 2004   
Heron Benefit Lier, Belgium
November, 10th, 2004    
Goairobics Roeselare, Belgium
December, 18th, 2004    
Femina Mandragora wintherice 02 Gent, Belgium

March, 28th, 2003  
Femina Mandragora 01 : Demon Tea Rec. party Groenendaal, Belgium
April, 20th,  2003  
Femina Mandragora 02 Gent, Belgium
May10th,  2003  
Femina Mandragora 02 Gent, Belgium
June, 21st,  2003  
Chapeldakshinamurti Gathering Gent, Belgium
July, 4th,  2003  
The celebration of amithaba Deinze, Belgium
August, 23rd,  2003  
SquareZ 01 Brugge/Jabbeke, Belgium
December, 31st,  2003  
Rise and Shine vs Hara Gobi Gent, Belgium

November, 9th, 2002  
Goarite vs save the forest Gent, Belgium
December, 31st, 2002  
Rise and Shine into 2003 Gent, Belgium

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Pzyko :
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