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Pzyko's sideprojects :
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Tracks :

Fast dark psychedelic night trance, hi-tech psy
Terrorform : The sisters of the lovetemple (2012 rmx)
Terrorform : The sisters of the lovetemple
Terrorform : LSD can kick your ass (2012 rmx)
Terrorform : LSD can kick your ass

Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom
Dark psychedelic night trance, Forest trance, Psytrance
Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom : Mushroom express
Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom : The knight's of shroom
Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom : The battle of the elves
Psychedelic (K)night's On Mushroom : Toadstools

Broken Kids Syndrome
Broken Kids Syndrome : B.K.S.
Broken Kids Syndrome : Radio for broken kids
Broken Kids Syndrome : Strange emotions
Broken Kids Syndrome : The pzyko kid from space

Altr-Echo Genetics
Psytrance, Trance, Techno
Altr-Echo Genetics : Genetics
Altr-Echo Genetics : The echo from space
Altr-Echo Genetics : Damn you all !
Altr-Echo Genetics : Incredible

Mescalito Bubbles
Trance, Chill-out, Experimental, Psychedelic
Mescalito Bubbles : Beyond our limits
Mescalito Bubbles : Kelinopter pt.12
Mescalito Bubbles : Kartong
Mescalito Bubbles : Mescalito X

Cryogenic Nanobot
Dub, Chill-out, Experimental, breaks
Cryogenic Nanobot : Henry
Cryogenic Nanobot : Shit sandwich
Cryogenic Nanobot : Cryogenic nanodub
Cryogenic Nanobot : Drumz 'n' shit

Releases Info

Pzyko :
Bad boy tunes E.P.


Pzyko vs Terrorform :
Creepz E.P. - 10 years later

Pzyko :
Oldies in new 2 E.P.

Pzyko :
Time doesn't exist E.P.
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